Foster families are the heart of our rescue. Without them, we would not exist. Many more GSPs would never make it out of shelters if it weren’t for our fosters. They are the ones who watch over, care for, train and love the GSPs who come to us. Our fosters are dedicated to helping dogs adjust to living in a home which often includes house-training, learning how to co-exist and play appropriately with other dogs, discovering their own special talents and skills and trusting and feeling secure with people.

There are challenges in fostering, of course, but there are also many moments of pride, joy and laughter. Our fosters treat their charges just as they treat their own pups, nurturing and loving them just as they care for their own. Being a foster takes special people who don’t really think about what they will get from fostering. For them, it’s all about the dogs. And the rewards are truly awesome! Every day the rescue says little prayers of thanks for our amazing fosters.

Thinking about fostering one of our GSPs?

  1. Please read the information on this site about the breed’s personality and characteristics. If you have previously owned a GSP or currently have one, your inside information will be very helpful.
  2. Please read through and be prepared to sign the Foster Agreement.
  3. If you would like more information, we’d be happy to talk with you. Please contact us.

Thank you for considering fostering for Mile High GSP Rescue.