We provide a second chance for German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) who have been abandoned, neglected, abused, surrendered or otherwise displaced and adopt them into permanent, loving homes that will nurture and appreciate their energetic, affectionate and loyal personalities.

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Why choose a German Shorthaired Pointer?

High Energy

GSPs love to run, run, run and need exercise every single day.


GSPs love to cuddle and play with their owners and families.


GSPs are smart, motivated and highly trainable.

Sporting Dogs

As avid hunters, GSPs can usually perform all gundog roles.


GSPs love their families unconditionally, and do not like to be without them for long periods.


GSPs are often playful and active well into their golden years.

Prey Drive

Bred to hunt, GSPs go crazy for squirrels, birds and sometimes even cats.


A GSP will go out of his way to warn you of danger and protect your home.