You own a German Shorthaired Pointer and are unable or unwilling to keep your dog. Perhaps you don’t have the time you once did to spend with your dog and feel he or she would be happier in a different home. Maybe a newcomer to the family is severely allergic. You may be moving to a place that isn’t suitable for a GSP. Whatever your reason, we will do what we can to help and guide you during this time. Making the right decision is sometimes very difficult, but always try to keep in mind what is best for the dog when making your decision.

When people want to adopt a particular breed of dog, they often turn to a breed-specific rescue. Our Rescue realizes that GSPs need to live with special owners and/or families, in part because they are such an active breed. We know this breed very well and take great pains to find families who have either lived with GSPs in the past or presently own a GSP. We require an adoption application be submitted, check references and then conduct a thorough home visit on prospective adopters, paying special attention to those who are excited to adopt a GSP but haven’t yet lived with one. Your dog deserves the best home possible—one that will provide security, comfort and lots of attention and love. Mile High GSP Rescue is made up of volunteers; none of us are paid for what we do. Any rescue, including ours, is responsible for vet fees, food, and any emergencies that may occur while your dog is in our care. Your surrender fee will help to cover such costs.

We take purebred GSPs, and, only under special circumstances, do we consider taking a GSP mix.

Please call Judy at (720) 373-7274 to discuss the reasons for relinquishing your dog BEFORE completing and submitting this form.

This is what we will need from you:

  • Veterinary records for your GSP and any other documentation you may have, i.e. original registration papers, obedience certificates, training classes attended. Any remaining food you have on hand would also be much appreciated. Please provide your dog’s collar and leash, toys, dog bed, a favorite bone…anything that will make your dog more comfortable. And don’t forget any medication and/or supplements.
  • A fee will be required upon surrender of your dog to help defray the costs of our rescue service. This donation is tax-deductible.
  • A signed document giving sole ownership of the dog to Mile High GSP Rescue.
  • At least two digital pictures of your dog—one being a close-up face shot and one showing the dog’s entire body. The better the pictures, the better the chance of someone wanting to meet your dog!

The more information we have from you the better. The information provided will help us find the ideal home for your GSP and will be passed along to a future adopter. Thank you for your cooperation.

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