Rescue a German Shorthaired Pointer

Every GSP deserves a second chance.

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Welcome to Mile High German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

Why Rescue? With over 16,000 dogs euthanized last year in Colorado alone, rescuing a dog is equivalent to taking a dog off death row. Most of our GSPs are purebreds that have been cast aside or relinquished through no fault of their own.

Why Mile High GSP Rescue? We know the dogs in our care well and strive to find a perfect match between a potential adoptive family and our rescued dogs. We take time to train and socialize those dogs that need a bit of extra help to prepare them for their new home.

Want to make a real difference? Provide a temporary home for a GSP in need by fostering...a truly satisfying experience! Or adopt a new family member of your own!

Why are GSPs so special? These dogs are intelligent, good-humored, loyal, affectionate and protective. They are great family dogs that love to be with their people. Above all, the GSP is always eager to please.

How do I get started? Click on Adoption to fill out an application. You may email us or call 720-373-7274 to Foster, Volunteer, or get additional information.

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