Success Stories


“We adopted Jett 5 months ago and could not be happier with him in our life!  He is an amazing family member and could not have been a better fit.  We love taking him running, hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, really anywhere!  We just love him!  Mile High GSP did such a great job matching us to Jett and making sure we were the best fit possible.  I will admit we spoil him but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thank you to Judy, Jan and Dave for all your sincere energy and time in making Jett apart of our family!”

– Beth and Jon




“We absolutely have fallen in love with Molly. She’s brought a certain energy to our dog-loving family that we were definitely missing. She’s so good with our pug (who needed the exercise!) and gentle with our old lab. She’s learning to walk really well on a lead, so we take early morning walks since she doesn’t like to sleep in. Her energy is contagious and it’s causing us to be even more active. When Molly does calm down in the evenings, she’s a big cuddler, so our evenings are full of dogs on the couch and we are loving it! We couldn’t be more happy that we picked Mile High GSP; the process was thorough and we know it means Molly is a lifelong fit for us.”

– Steve and Katie Holmgren 


“Daisy is such a sweetie! She has won the hearts of many and I have sooooo enjoyed her! When I am doing a massage or teaching pilates she calmly lies on the floor next to me. She loves to be on the go and fits right in with everything I do. Here we are on my kayak on the lake. A bit of adjusting…she did dump us right after this picture was taken!”

– Lorraine Bright, Lakewood, CO

Success Story: Daisy



“When we lost our beloved Lab, Koa, in late March to cancer there was a major void in our family that we did not think could be filled. Fortunately for us, a few weeks later we met Cooper while on a walk through the Bear Creek dog park. He was walking with his foster mom. A couple weeks later we adopted him and we couldn’t be more pleased. He has bonded with our other Lab, our entire family and even our cat. He is an absolute sweetheart and we love him very much. He has helped fill the large hole that was created when Koa died. Koa was also a rescue dog, and we encourage everyone to strongly consider adopting one. Cooper is a joy.”

Kelly and Cindy, Colorado Springs, CO


“We are just IN LOVE with Kane! He could not be sweeter, happier or better trained–we got so lucky. We’re grateful to you for putting us in touch with him; he is such a sweetheart. Kane is exactly what we were hoping for and he has made us so happy! We adore him and he’s very loved. Thank you again, and I hope you’re finding more good homes for these great dogs.”

Gretchen and Dan, Denver, CO




“I adopted Seamus 6 months ago and he is a great buddy. The adoption process was easy and professional. Post-placement follow up and education were offered as well. All in all it was a great experience. Thank you for Seamus.”

-Robert Murphy, Littleton, CO


“I adopted my GSP dog, Sam, from Mile High German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue in February of 2009. He’s a great, wonderful dog and has brought me immense joy. At the time I wanted to adopt, I had several dogs to choose from, but Brandi Anderson, President of Mile High GSP Rescue, made everything so easy for me. Her facility is large, clean and complete. She crossed every “t”, dotted every “i” and made the adoption process comfortable for me.

I now know first hand that the German Shorthair is very high energy and loves to run. They are highly trainable, and inside the house we call them “Velcro” dogs in that they want to “stick” to you wherever you go. I had much to learn and adapt to with this dog, having owned a Dachshund, Collie, and Bichons in the past, but for me it has been fun, fun, fun. I have a large back yard for Sam to play in and I exercise him almost daily off leash in open spaces. The time I’ve spent training him has really paid off and gives me confidence knowing I can have him off leash and he will stay close. The backyard is okay for half the day, but Sam enjoys lots of running which I do at Cherry Creek dog retreat at least a few times a week.

Brandi wants you to understand this breed completely and know what you’re getting into. If you want a lap dog or one that sleeps a lot and isn’t very active, then a GSP is not for you. However, if you’re a dog enthusiast like me, there is no finer breed than the German Shorthaired Pointer. And I’ve never known a dog Rescue of higher quality than Mile High GSP Rescue.”

-Mike Bloodhart, Aurora, CO